Home Page FO Designer 2.16. XSL-FO Editor for Apache FOP and Oracle APEX
                                FO Designer
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                              • Documentation
                              • User guide online
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                              • Version history
                              • PDF interactive forms
                              • Oracle Application Express
                              • APEX Plugin
                              • SAP XI / PI
                              • Oracle BPEL
                              • Mule ESB
                              • Apache Cocoon
                              • License
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                                JavaScripts for: Datamatrix, QRCode, PDF417 and 1D barcodes

                                Version comparison table:

                                FO Designer FO Designer Suite FO Designer Corporate FOP Server
                                WYSWYG tool for xsl-fo  
                                Number of users 1 1 up to 10  
                                Versioning system  
                                Creation of xsl-fo for APEX  
                                Signature in PDF files  
                                User defined functions  
                                TTF fonts  
                                Arabic text  
                                Complete set of xsl-fo (see list below *)  
                                PDF interactive forms    
                                Chart license included (**)    
                                Barcode (1D) license included (**)    
                                Team work (multiple users)      
                                Webstart based client      
                                Central Database      
                                FOP Server Professional  
                                2D Barcodes

                                Always as a separate license

                                * Define colors, fonts, lines, frames and images, "Group by" feature , support for several page masters , background images , running subtotals , flavours, www links and rotation of text.

                                ** Chart and Barcode license for one company (not redistribution license)