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                        *** Note: If you find another software which is very similar to ours, read this clarification note. ***

                        RBarcode is a software component which can read barcodes. It takes an image file (gif, png, jpeg ...) as input and returns the position and value of all barcodes contained in the image. The component is available for:

                        • the Java [TM] Platform
                        • .NET
                        • Delphi (4 or later, including the most recent version XE 5). It is available as VCL or Firemonkey components.
                        • REALbasic (RealStudio)

                        The barcode decoder supports the following symbologies:

                        • Code 128, EAN128
                        • EAN8 and EAN13
                        • UPCA and UPCE
                        • Code 39 (and extended)
                        • Interleaved 25
                        • ... and more 1D barcoding symbologies
                        • Datamatrix decoder available
                        • QRCode decoder available
                        • Aztec Code decoder available
                        • PDF417 and Macro PDF417 decoder available

                        other decoders under development.