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Some RChart users are:

- Sun Microsystems
Deutsche Bank
- BMW Manufacturing

- Yahoo! Inc.

- Alcatel

- Fedex Servcies
- Swisscom AG

- Texas Instruments

- Compaq International

- Hewlett Packard
- Oracle Corp.
- Siemens AG

- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

- Arthur Andersen

... and many more....

What our customers say:

- I have been using RChart on our intranet site for over a year. I am consistently impressed with its flexibility. The technical support that I have received is always quick and accurate. RChart is a stable, professional product offered at an outstanding price! (John, xxxxxx@non.agilent.com)

- Might I also note, this is the nicest, easiest and most inexpensive Charting applet I have seen. 
Thanks again, (Steve Warriner, XXX@amdocs.com)

- Your product is worth the money. (Scott, XXX@opensystems.com)

- I'm charmed of your quick answers and the good looking applet. Keep up the fantastic work.(XXX@smile-software.nl)

- We had a look at your product and it knocks the socks of a few apps that cost a lot more $ You really have a great product. (XXX@OPENWARE.CO.ZA)