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                                            The barcoding components can also be used as a Jasper Reports custom component. Read our PDF documentation for a comprehensive description.

                                            There are components for linear barcodes, PDF417, Datamatrix, QRCode, Aztec code and Maxicode. Other can be added on demand.

                                            In order to use the components you need to add to your class path these 2 files:

                                                    The jar file belonging to the barcode java library (for example qrcode.jar or rbarcode.jar)

                                                    And the Jasper Report component library j4ljrbarcode.jar

                                            In the jaspercomponents subdirectory of our download version you will find an example  (jrxml file) for each one of the components.


                                            In the same directory you will also find the xml schema files (*.xsd) where you can also find documentation about the attributes of the barcode.