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                                            The J4L Barcodes are integrated in Eclipse Birt 4.3 or later. The components support 1D barcodes, PDF417, Datamatrix, QRCode, Azteccode and Maxicode. 

                                            In order to install the barcode components copy the file com.java4less.birt_.*.jar to the
                                            Eclipse directory:


                                            Download the demo version here

                                            The following video shows a simple reports with a barcode.


                                            The demo version includes a sample report in the eclipsebirt/exampleReport subdirectory.

                                            This contains 2 files:

                                            • barcodeReport.rptdesign: the report itself. 
                                            • TestBarcodeData.txt : test data

                                            The report reads the data from the text file, a data source and a data set has been defined for that. In preview mode, the expression "row["barcodeField"]" will be evaluated. At designer time however the barcode used the constant value of the "Test Value" field.


                                            The test report can be deployed to Tomcat (and alsoin other servers) in the following way:

                                            • Install Birt on Tomcat as described here
                                            • Copy the barcodeReport.rptdesign and TestBarcodeData.txt to the directory <tomcat>\webapps\<birt>
                                            • Copy the file com.java4less.birt_.*.jar to <tomcat>\webapps\<birt>\WEB-INF\lib
                                            • Extract the following jar files from com.java4less.birt_.*.jar using the following commands

                                              jar xf com.java4less.birt.barcode.jar lib/qrcode.jar
                                              jar xf com.java4less.birt.barcode.jar lib/raztec.jar
                                              jar xf com.java4less.birt.barcode.jar lib/rbarcode.jar
                                              jar xf com.java4less.birt.barcode.jar lib/rmaxicode.jar

                                            • Copy the 4 extracted jars to  <tomcat>\webapps\<birt>\WEB-INF\lib
                                            • Start Tomcat and open the URL below:


                                              Note you might need to change the red values (port) and birt directory