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                                                  19. The Cloud J4L FOP Server

                                                  In the preferences windows you can select the „J4L Cloud Server“ if you do not have or do not want to install a local FOP Server in your network. It can be used both at design time from the designer and at runtime from Oracle Apex using the URL below for test purposes.

                                                  For production purposes however you will receive a separate URL if you have contracted the service.

                                                  Note you need to select the correct server type before exporting the XSL-FO file since for the use of the Cloud server the XSL-FO file will contain a reference to your FO Designer license. This will be used to authenticate your requests.

                                                  Sending the PDF per email

                                                  One of the capabilities of the cloud server is that it can send the report files per email. This feature can also be tested without the server.

                                                  First you need to set up the mail server in the windows preferences. This is for example the setup for a hotmail account (of course use your account instead of java4less@hotmail.com)

                                                  Second you can test it with our example LetterMail.xre. In the properties of the report, the „Send mail“ flag has been selected. Make sure you add also the fields:
                                                  • Mail to: this is the recipient, it will commonly be an XPATH to a node in the XML file. In this example /InterestLetter/Person/email

                                                  • Att. Name: this is the attachment name (PDF). It can be a constant name or you can combine it with data from the XML file. For example you could have:

                                                    concat('Letter' , /InterestLetter/Person/LastName , '.pdf')

                                                    this would create LetterSmith.pdf  as attachment name.
                                                  • Subject: The subject of the email
                                                  • Body: The body of the email. In these fields you can use %1 to %5. These place holders will be replaced by the Xpath variales 1 to 5. In this example we set the product name in the subject of the email.

                                                  The result of executing the report using the PDF button should an email as below:

                                                  This will work in the same in the server side since the generated XSL-FO will contain the required service metadata (see below) which will be used by the server to send the email.

                                                  PDF protection

                                                  You  can protect (encrypt) your PDF files to prevent unauthorized use. This is useful for protecting sensitive data as for example price lists.

                                                  You can:
                                                  • Ask the end user to enter a password to open a file
                                                  • or avoid printing the PDF
                                                  • or avoid copy/paste or editing of data

                                                  This is how you setup PDF protection. In the Report properties > Protect tab you can define protection level. The properties are:
                                                  • Protect PDF: Yes/No.
                                                  • Owner password: this is is the master password which would allow you to change the permissions if your PDF reader has such functionality. It can be a constant value of a Xpath to the XML document.
                                                  • Open PDF password: this is the password required to open the document. You would give this password to the intended document recipients.
                                                  • Protect printing: disables PDF printing.
                                                  • Protect copying/editing: disables copy/paste and editing.

                                                  Note this functionality is available in the Cloud FOP server only.