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                              Barcodes 1D . RBarcode for Delphi supports all major 1D symbologies:

                              • Code39,Code39 (Extended), UPCA, UPCE, EAN8, EAN13, EAN128, CODE128,Code 11, Code 93, Code 93 extended, Industrial 25, Interleaved 2 of 5 , Matrix 25, Postnet, Codabar and MSI.

                              PDF417. PDF stands for "Portable Data File." It is a two-dimensional symbology that can encode more than 1000 bytes of information. It does not need more space than a traditional 1D barcode. Furthermore several PDF symbols can be concatenated in order to create a Macro PDF 417 symbol. RPDF 417 supports:

                              • PDF417
                              • Macro PDF 417
                              • Binary, text and numeric encoding.
                              • Truncated / Compact Macro PDF 417.

                              MicroPDF417 is a 2D barcoding symbology based on PDF417. Micro PDF 417 has been specifically designed to provide even greater space efficiency for small item marking applications than the standard PDF 417 symbology.

                              RMicroRPDF 417 supports:

                              • MicroPDF417, all formats.
                              • Structured append
                              • Binary, text and numeric encoding.
                              DataMatrix is a two-dimensional (2D) matrix symbology which is made up of square modules arranged within a perimeter finder pattern. It can encode up to 3116 characters from the entire 256 byte ASCII character set.

                              RDataMatrix supports:

                              • All sizes and formats (from 10x10 till 144x144)
                              • Ascii, text , C40 and Base256 (for binary data) encoding.
                              • The "Extended Channel Interpretation and Structured append
                              Aztec code is a 2D matrix symbology made up of square modules on a square grid, with a square bullseye pattern at their center. Aztec Code symbols can encode large amounts of data with user defined error correction level.

                              RAztec supports:

                              • All sizes and formats.
                              • Normal and binary encoding.
                              • The "Extended Channel Interpretation and Structured append
                              • Aztec rune's.
                              • Reader initialization bit.

                              Maxicode is a two-dimensional (2D) and fixed-size matrix symbology which is made up of offset rows of hexagonal modules arranged around a unique finder pattern. The size of Maxicode is 1.11 x 1.054 inches and it can contain up to 93 data characters of information. The symbol was created by United Parcel Service for fast scanning and sorting of packages.

                              RMaxicode for Delphi supports the following features:

                              • modes 2,3,4,5 and 6.
                              • structured append
                              • full character set
                              RSS (GS1 DataBar) and EAN-UCC Composite. This symbology combines a 1D barcode (RSS or EAN/UPC) used to encode article identification codes and a 2D component (modified version of PDF417 and MicroPDF417) used to encode additional information (e.g. best before date).

                              QRCode QR Code is a matrix symbology consisting of an array of square modules arranged in an overall square pattern.

                              QRCode for Delphi supports the following features:

                              • AUTO, BYTE, ALPHA, NUMERIC and KANJI encoding.
                              • Structured append
                              • Correction levels L, M , Q and H
                              • Versions 1 to 40
                              • FNC1mode


                              Micro QRCode. Reduced version of QR Code which is smaller and encodes less amount of data