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Download Evaluation Version

The evaluation version will always insert an additional text to your SMS messages.

Click here to download the evaluation version .


In order to install the component you must:

  1. Include RSmsTap10.jar in your CLASSPATH
  2. You will also need the Java[TM] Communications API (package javax.comm). If you don't have it installed, you ca get it from SUN's website at the following URL (opens a new window):
    You must download it and follow the directions in the file PlatformSpecific.html. For example, if you are running Java[TM] on Windows you must:
    - copy win32com.dll to your jdkdirectoy\bin
    - copy comm.jar to your jdkdirectoy\lib. Include comm.jar in your CLASSPATH.
    - copy javax.comm.properties to your jdkdirectoy\lib
    Note: If your platform is not supported you may find useful the following links: www.rxtx.org Linux Comm_How-To

Sending your first SMS

Edit the file JavaTestOne.java and look for the comments that say "REPLACE HERE..."

You just need to provide :

- Phone number of the TAP gateway
- Serial port parameters (port name, baud rate, etc)
- TAP Password if required by TAP server.
- A phone or pager number were you can receive a test message.

Compile and run it. Informative messages are shown on the console.

If you encounter any difficulty don't hesitate to send us an email.

For further information see the User Guide & Documentation.