RCHART for Php, User Guide

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RChart , first steps.



RChart for php is a script that will create more than 18 different types of charts and combinations of them:

The product can also create image maps so you can add tips and html links to your charts. The image map feature also allows you to create drill-down charts.

Furthermore the charts support a large number of features:

The charts can be created in 2 ways:

All examples in this tutorial contain the list of parameters used and the equivalent php code.



RChart for Php requires has the following requirements:



Where to start

As starting point we recommend you not to create a chart from scratch but to take one of the examples we provide and start working by modifying them.

There is a file called getChart.php which will allow you to create charts without any programming. This file takes the chart parameters and creates the chart image. You can can pass the chart parameters in 2 ways:

For example:


will read the chart parameters from the file "data.txt". The parameters supported by getChart.php are:

Tip: take one of our examples (barchart.txt) , copy it to your server and try it:



Format of the parameters

There are some parameters that have a special format: