X_1 Label
Text of the X_1 label
Font of the X_1 label
Color of the X_1 labelColor
Vertical X_1 label
X_1 Axis/Scale
Enable X_1 axis
X_1 Min
X_1 Max
X_1 tick interval
X_1 big tick interval
X_1 big tick list
X_1 tick at base
X_1 Axis grid
Grid filling
Grid at big tick
List of X_1 labels
X_1 start with big tick
X_1 cero axis
X_1 axis style
Type of axis, regular or bar
Width of the axis bar
X_1 axis filling style
X_1 font
X_1 colorColor
X_1 axis integer
Description label of the axis
X_1 label format
X_1 vertical labels
X_1 tick label length
X_1 Closed
Target zones X_1
Target Zone 1
Target Zone 2
Target Zone 3
Target Zone 4
Auto axis X_1
Exact max.
Exact min.
Preferred max/min
X_1 auto ticks
X_1 preferred tick interval
X_1 Log Axis
Log Scale
Log base
Log tick interval
X_1 Date Axis
X_1 date format
X_1 date step
X_1 initial date