In this page you will find the PHP version of our popular charting product RChart.

The product is fully developed in PHP using object oriented programing techniques. You will get the full source code and you can easily modify it to adapt your application needs if required.

It works with PHP 4 and PHP 5.

The product has a very reasonable price starting at 37 Euro (48 USD).

The resulting image can be sent directly to the browser or to a file, in several formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP).

To see it at work, see the examples.

Use our new tool Visual Builder for interactivelly creating and design your charts on-line.

It supports more than 18 different types of charts and combination of them

- Linechart
- Areachart 

- Piechart

- Max.Min chart

- OHLC Chart

- Bubblechart 

- Down-drill (pies and bars) 
- Barchart
- Columnchart

- Stacked barchart

- Candlestick chart

- Scatter chart

- Radarchart 

- Event chart
- Curve chart (interpolation)
- B-Splines (approximation) 

- Least Squares Lines

- Piechart 3D

- Linechart 3D

- Barchart 3D

- Circular Gauge

... Combinations of them ....

It is highly configurable. Some advanced features are:

- Export to gif , jpg, png.
- Any number of axis
- label definition language
- line with width and style
- tips

- automatic scales/ticks
- Transparent fillings

- Target Zones
- Vertical labels

- Source code
- Logarithmic scale

- ready to use 

- automatic date labels 

- click on objects

- non continuous lines (null values)
- background images and points

- grids

- Position of legend

- Image Maps

Database Data population
- X scale on top

... and more....