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RReport (1)

RReport Visual Builder (3)

Source Code (2) (3)
RReport & RReport Visual Builder. Binary version.(1 developer).
EUR 35.00
Buy RReport & Visual Builder
RReport with source code & RReport Visual Builder
(1 developer).
EUR 47.00
Buy RReport with source code & Visual Builder
RReport Visual Builder. Additional license pro developer.  
EUR 8.00
Buy additional license of RReport Visual Builder
Source code of RReport Visual Builder  
EUR 42.00
Buy Source Code of RReport Visual Builder
RReport corporate license (4)
EUR 145.00
Buy RReport Corporate license
  • (1) Includes source code of RObject and its subclasses (RField, RLine, RCombo ...), RSource and its subclasses (RJDBCSource, RJTableSource ....) ,RPrintSetup, RPrintSetupJDK13, RReportWindow, RJTable, RButton and RLineStyle.
  • (2) Includes source code of package com.java4less.rreport.*
  • (3) The source code of the development environment (RReport Visual Builder) is not delivered. Let us know if you are interested in it.
  • (4) Includes RReport with source code and Visual Builder. It can be used be all developers in one company. See also license agreement.