RMail 1.1 for the Java[TM] Platform

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Sending and receiving emails from your Java[TM] application was never so easy!.With RMail you can do whatever you like with only a few lines of code. It is a very small and easy to use package.

  • It supports

- SMTP Authentication
- SMTP (sending)
- POP3 (receiving)

- MIME 1.0 (attachements)
- base 64 encoding

- quoted-printable encoding
- alternative parts.
  • can be used to send

- plain text

- special characters (í , ú , ö)
- Images

- Programs
.. anything ..

  • Alternative parts supported. You can send an email with two parts, one plain text and the other HTML. The recipient will be able to select which one he/she wants to see.
  • Other facilities are:

- Several recipients
- copy
- blind copy

- from
- reply-to
- file name

- User defined fields
- content type
... and more....

  • Source Code on registration.
  • Sample applet and servlet.
  • It runs on the Java[TM] Platform 1.1 or later
  • Click here to see some examples
  • Some users of RMail

- Compaq
- Arcadia
- Australis Technologies

- FedEx Services Company
- ORCA Software GmbH
- R. Smith Engineering
- Advanced Network Solutions

- Cisco Photonics
- U1 Consulting Group, Inc
... and more....


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Includes source code, and remenber, full Mime support !

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