Applet RBarcode 2D, PDF417 barcodes for the Java[TM] platform


The package RBarCode 2D contains an applet and a Java[TM] class (click here if are looking for an ActiveX) that will allow you to create PDF417 barcodes for you applications or HTML pages.

PDF stands for “Portable Data File.” A two-dimensional symbology (2D), a single PDF417 symbol carries up to 1.1 kilobytes of machine-readable data in a space no larger than a standard bar code. And, unlike one-dimensional bar codes (1D), which are just a key linked to a database, PDF417 symbols contain the database itself. That means, you don't have to store an article number in the barcode but you can also store the name , the size , the color, the name of the manufacturer etc...

You can find more information about PDF417:

more information and demo