J4L-CHART for Ruby

Copyright 2011, J4L Components (http://www.java4less.com)
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J4L-Chart , first steps.



The installation of J4L-Chart is very simple, just add the delivered ruby source code files to your Ruby project.


J4L-Chart will work with:

Where to start

As starting point we recommend you not to create a chart from scratch but to take one of the examples we provide and start working by modifying it.

But first of all you must be aware that there are 2 ways to create a chart:

  1. either you create it using the API, creating the Chart Ruby objects and setting the properties (see file chart_examples.rb)
  2. or you create the chart by means of the ChartLoader. In this case you do not have to worry about the API. You just have to create a list of parameters and use the ChartLoader class to create the chart (see examples in directory data/examples).
We recommend you to use the second approach (using the ChartLoader) for the following reasons:

Nevertheless this guide provides both the parameter names and the equivalent Ruby class and property.

Format of the parameters

If you are going to create you chart by mean of the chart loader (instead of using the Java API), there are some parameters that have a special format: