RCHART for .NET, User Guide

Copyright 2005, J4L Components (http://www.java4less.com)
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RChart , first steps.



The installation of RChart is very simple:

  1. download the evaluation version from http://www.java4less.com.
  2. Unzip the file you have downloaded in an empty directory. Make sure you unzip also the subdirectories.

Note about the evaluation version: the evaluation version has the following restrictions:

The product includes precompiled versions of the component in the NET10 , NET11 and NET20 directories. The name of the files are rchart10.dll (for .NET10 ), rchart11.dll and so on.

You can execute the sample application by double cliking on ChartViewer10.exe , ChartViewer11.exe or ChartViewer20.exe.


Where to start

As starting point we recommend you not to create a chart from scratch but to take one of the examples we provide and start working by modifying them. We provide examples for:


Format of the parameters

There are some parameters that have a special format: