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                                                RChart 2.1
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                                              • Introduction

                                                RChart is our most popular java component which has been available since 2000 and has been ported also to .NET and Php programming languages.

                                                RChart 2 has undergone a major redesign and now provides new features for JSP , Swing , SWT and J2ME.

                                                The following list gives you an overview of the benefits of using RChart:

                                                • Powerful: Many configuration (new markup language for labels) and interactive features and charts.
                                                • Flexible: It can be used in many scenarios, as applet, servlet /JSP , in Java controls (AWT, Swing and SWT) or mobile devices (J2ME with MIDP/LWUIT and also Android).
                                                • Easy of use: charts can be created with cero Java programming.
                                                • Low risk: Source code is available and the license agreement is not restrictive.
                                                • Low investment: Very reasonable prices starting at about 35 Euros (about 40 USD).
                                                • Low requirements: requires JDK 1.1 or later