Demonstration Script of J4L BarCodes 1D for PHP v1.3




Add check character

Image Format

Code specific options

CODE39 "I":
(Interchar separator. Multiplicator of X)

EAN/UPC Supplement

UPCE System

some size configuration

Orientation (rotation angle)

X: (Size of narrow bar in pixels)

N: (Size of width bar, multiplicator of X)

Height: pixels

Quite Zone pixels


some graphic configuration

Back Color:

Bar Color:

Text Color:

Text Font

Text Size:

Note: Some types require a fixed length value:
  • EAN13: a 13 digit value or a 12 digit value + check character.
  • EAN8: a 8 digit value or a 7 digit value + check character.
  • UPCA and UPCE: a 12 digit value or a 11 digit value + check character.
  • UPCE: requires at least five consecutive zeros.