RTree & RMenu 1.3: Navigation menu applet.

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You can use RTree & RMenu to include dynamic menus in your website. The tree/menu is an extension of Panel and therefore you can use it also in your Java[TM] applications.

Its main features are:

  • Create menus without HTML knowledge using the RTree Visual Designer
  • Configurable with applet parameters, external files and JavaScript.
  • highly configurable

- Tips for nodes
- "Loading ..." message.
- Icons for +/- signes
multiline texts and tips
- Scroll bars
- expand on enter/click
- Startup node

- raised effect
- Several types of borders
- Source code
- Colors, fonts, icons ..
- Animation of the tree
- autoreorganize

- more than 100 gif icons
- configurable margins and spaces
- Javascript events
- backgrounds
- Dashed and dotted lines
- icons sizes

... and more....

  • it can be used in different ways

- As tree (windows explorer like)
- As drop down menu (horizontal)
- As vertical menu

- As user defined on a background image.

  • compatible with old browsers also. It runs the Java[TM] platform 1.1 or later.
  • there is a "source code license".
  • Dynamic load of tree's/menu's nodes as needed.
  • Some users of RTree and RMenu

- Alcatel USA
- Endesa
- Cisco
- Shell
- Atos Origin

- Ericsson
- British Telecom
- Telefonica
- University of Arizona
- The Boots Company Plc

- Johnson & Johnson
- Northwest Airlines
- Zürich Versicherung

... and hundreds more....

  • What our customers say:

I am really impressed by the neatnes and easy way your Visual Designer and RTree works.!!! Thanks
Carel du Toit

I've tried about 15 different tree applets now and yours is by far the best.
Julian Mann (XXX@dneg.com)


Free for personal use !, commercial version see below.

Product Name Price Product Description
RTree & RMenu
USD 14.40
EUR 12.00
Java nagivation applets. Binary version.

RTree & RMenu with source code
USD 22.80
EUR 19.00
Java nagivation applets. Includes source code.

RTree & RMenu & Visual Designer
USD 20.40
EUR 17.00
Java nagivation applets and visual designer. Binary Version.

RTree & RMenu source code & Visual Designer
USD 28.80
EUR 24.00
Java nagivation applets and visual designer. Includes source code.