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Class MSBTree.RNode


public class RNode
extends Object

Warning: This documentation is only for java programmers. If you are just using the Applet in a HTML page, please read Class MSBTree.RTreeApplet.

This class represents one single node in the tree. The following example creates a node an adds it to the tree:

    RNode  n=new RNode();


See the documentation of the RTreeApplet if you are using the tree in a HTML page.


o expanded

 public boolean expanded
If expanded the children of the node are visible.

o selected

 public boolean selected

o icon

 public Image icon
Icon used for the node when it is not expanded.

o raisedEffectOnSelection

 public boolean raisedEffectOnSelection
If true the node will adquire a "Raised effect" when the cursor is placed over it.

o expandedIcon

 public Image expandedIcon
Icon used for the node when it is expanded.

o font

 public Font font
Font used to draw the text.

o text

 public String text
Text of the node.

o color

 public Color color
Color of the text.

o selectedColor

 public Color selectedColor
Color of the text when the node is selected.

o backColor

 public Color backColor
background color of the node.

o selectedBackColor

 public Color selectedBackColor
background color of the node when it is selected.

o submenuBorder

 public int submenuBorder

type of border of this node's submenu. Valid values are SBORDER_NO, SBORDER_LINE and SBORDER_RAISED.

o submenuBorderColor

 public Color submenuBorderColor 
color of the border of the node's submenu.

o submenuColor

 public Color submenuColor
 color of the background of the node's submenu.

o submenuInverted

 public boolean submenuInverted    
is the node's submenu to be inverted. An inverted submenu is display from bottom to top.

o submenuImage

 public Image submenuImage     
background image of this node's submenu.

o Name

 public String Name
Name of the node.

o userValue

 public Object userValue
Any value you want to store in this node.

o parent

 public RNode parent
Node's parent.

o tipText

 public String tipText
text displayed when the cursor is over the node.

o childrenDefinitionLoaded

 public boolean childrenDefinitionLoaded
if false, the definition file has not been read yet.

o childrenDefinitionFile

 public String childrenDefinitionFile
File where the definition of the children of this node is to be found.

o backImage

 public Image backImage
background image of the node.

o centerText

 public boolean centerText
is the text of the node to be centered?

o xPos

 public int xPos
internal use. Current position in the applet of the node.

o yPos

 public int yPos
internal use. Current position in the applet.

o hSize

 public int hSize
internal use. Current size in the applet.

o wSize

 public int wSize
internal use. Current size in the applet.

o level

 public int level
internal use. Level of the node. The root has level 0.


o RNode

 public RNode()


o addChild

 public void addChild(RNode c)
add a child to the node.

o deleteChild

 public void deleteChild(int c)
delete a child from the node.

o deleteChildren

 public void deleteChildren()
delete all children from the node.

o draw

 public void draw(Graphics g,
                  int x,
                  int y,
                  int h,
                  int w)
internal use.

o getChild

 public RNode getChild(int n)
returns the child at the specified position (1 is the first child).

o getChildrenNumber

 public int getChildrenNumber()
returns number of children of this node.

o hasChildren

 public boolean hasChildren()
returns whether this node has children.

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